With over 30 years in the art of window styling, JSF Interiors are experts in the field of curtain décor.  If you are contemplating curtains the best advice is always to seek the advice of curtain professionals. Curtains are a joyful investment; with this in mind we work with you to select the perfect fabric, style and pleat. Curtains which are made locally in our own work room & then installed lovingly by our dedicated and experienced team, right down to the last steam! Curtains by design, fashion for your windows by choice.

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Curtains are such an aesthetic joy and their introduction to a room can transform & elevate the space. Many people comment that curtains seem to be having a renaissance. We would reply that they have always been an important element and style statement to any space.  Their longevity is matched only by their constant evolution.

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The magic of fabric, we have a library of fabrics for days. Here a teeny tiny portion of the ineffable beauties that we can together breathe life into – to decorate your home! We welcome your visit to our showroom where you will be enraptured.

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The Art of Window Styling

Transforming houses into homes is at our core. Combining window treatments provides for the layering effect for greater impact whether that is for insulation purposes or for styling.  The finishing touches, namely curtains are pivotal to the form & functionality of windows & in turn the space they inhabit.

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Our company mantra is to “Live Life Beautifully” & with this in mind; we lovingly produce curtains which are in simpatico with the home’s vibe. We strongly believe “the house decides, you reside!” This translated; we need to consider the home’s vibe and aesthetic. If your home is a modern home it needs to reflect this in the choice of curtaining.  Similarly, a period home’s curtaining should honour the heritage of the home whilst creating new spaces as the current custodians. In essence your curtains should reflect the nature and value of your home. Curtain projects require professionals who can give due consideration and provide strategic planning, that will provide for the optimum curtaining aesthetic.

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Curtain Evolution

Curtain design is almost infinite. From curved tracking & ceiling fixed tracking to tracking in the bulk head which all can be motorised… there are so many options to be considered Our longevity within the industry allows us to seamlessly (pardon the pun), guide you through the myriad of options. Creating unique and soulful spaces is at our core; working with you, we develop a solution that is so much more than just the latest trend, more akin to part of your home’s story. We just can’t imagine life without curtains! Curtains are most definitely our calling.

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